Collect, cut, paste could be her key words.


Lia Rochas-Pàris composes with elements. Explorer of visual archives, she goes beyond space-time borders in order to draw her inner landscapes. Fragments from various sources end up together, thus giving rise to a cosmogony close to surrealism.


Lia Rochas-Pàris probes the full and the empty, the "space between", what the Japanese call the "Ma". This quest for visual balance, close to ikebana, is manifested in each cycle of creation. Guided by an intention to assemble, she explores the diversity of materials. It allows her to adopt a personal visual narrative.


For Lia Rochas-Pàris "everything is collage": a way of perceiving in everything the amalgam of various resources that end up forming a whole. Paper collages, Haïku cut-ups, fabric patchwork, resin-based inclusions, writings, polaroids, photo novels.... So many elements conducive to deconstruct, to reconstruct. This will to make world from the collected elements echoes the recurrent themes she deals with like femininity, the attraction of the bodies in space, the weightlessness and the movement...

Installation shots
  • Numerous solo exhibitions, notably at the Madé gallery in Paris (2020), in the Vaste Horizon collection in Arles (2020), at the Room 702 gallery in Osaka (2019) and group exhibitions between Paris, Marseille, Amsterdam and New-York.


  • Participation in Paris Design Week (2021) and Parcours Saint Germain (2019). 

  • Collaborations with Gucci, La Villa Vassilieff, Le Coeur, À Rebours x Fondation Lafayette, Coralie Marabelle, John Lobb, Les Infâmes, Sony music, Casio... Her collages and texts have been published in Please Magazine, Girl Like Us, GQ France, Standard Magazine etc.