French artist François Maurin graduated from ENSBA in 2018. Fascinated by images, François Maurin creates artworks after shapes existing and persisting in his visual memory. Through various mediums as well as drawing, painting and sculpture, artist deploys several projects led simultaneously and all wondering our personal and collective relationships to imagination. François Maurin invites us to abandon every language, every referent in order to get caught up in images, which catalyze every communication between beings and allow to understand the unknown, the other (Tiers).


Tiers are hybrid objects made of painted wood, resin and metal. On the edge between painted sculptures and sculpted paintings, they seem to be suspended. Ambiguity is cultivated in textures’ diversity: painted surfaces of frank and matt colours meet reflective surfaces in resin which retain and reflect an image of reality. Beyond the interplay of materials, a subversive yet not fixed image of 21st century man is produced in this plastic material.



Installation shots
  • François Maurin is currently resident at POUSH – Manifesto.


  • He has participated to several artistic residencies, La Maison Botanique - Centre Européen des Trognes in Boursay (2021), Villa Belleville (2017), Résidence COOP in Bidart (2014).


  • He has had several solo exhibitions in galleries (Vitrine 65 and Marine Veilleux Gallery).


  • Participation to group exhibitions, at the Pavillon Vendôme (2022), Galerie Jousse Entreprise (2018), at the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, Paris (2016) and at the Centquatre (2014).